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A multi-creative who overcame early life-challenges by becoming self-reliant and resourceful, offering inspiration through audio, photography, content creation, and marketing to help others with lifestyle.


I'm a content creator & online marketer

Hi there! I’m CJ (also JYNE), a multi-creative with a passion for audio, photography, and content creation.

My journey hasn’t been easy; I faced many challenges early on that taught me to be self-reliant, I promised myself I would always be there for myself, supporting and healing through every obstacle.

Seeking for continuous improvement, has helped me intuitively transition between various characters, and collect a huge skillset from creative endeavors to strategic skills.

I developed a great ability to solve problems which became a cornerstone of my life, and it’s something my friends have come to rely on. They often turned to me for help, finding my support effective and impactful.

Now, I’m excited to extend these skills beyond my close circle with the professional marketing experiences I'm able to make by working with companies of different sizes with revenues up to multi-billion dollars.

I’m here to have you discover new creatives for inspiration, help you through challenges and achieve your goals.



Content Creation

This is where all my creative passions converge. A culmination of my experiences in photography, music, and fashion, woven together to tell stories and connect with others. 


Photography & Music

Photography has been my ambition in my teenage years, where I first picked up a camera. Though the path led me into the music industry for over a decade, I never lost my love for capturing photos through my lens.



I worked in the music industry for over a decade, which I poured my heart and soul into. While it was a rewarding experience, I felt the need to transition into marketing to connect to more people and ensure my work is seen and heard.



Fashion became a means of self-expression and empowerment for me, stemming from my early experiences of overcoming challenges. Through fashion, I could embody different personas and express my creativity. 

Affiliate Partnership

I’m a professional in online marketing, offering my expertise through affiliate programs. With a broad set of skills and insights gained from experience in various business fields, I approach challenges from multiple perspectives to create effective marketing strategies increase the conversions of your products or services.

What I focus on...

  • SEO Marketing100
  • Writing Articles80
  • Content Creation90
  • SEA60
Self-Portrait, Ceylan J. Morgan
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