I lost my Instagram account, but “Everything bad, leads to something good.”

by jynemorgan-p
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With Instagram blocking my account (for no reason), I thought it would be a good idea to put at least one of my websites back up again.

If you have ever tried to grow a social media account, you know how much time and effort goes in. Apart from all the effort that goes into creating all the content, you also lose your following. Losing all the hard work and not being able to contact the costumer service of the platform is devastating.

As they say,

“Everything bad, leads to something good.”


“You understand the worth of something, once you don’t have it.”

Before putting my official website and blog offline, I was constantly wondering whether it was necessary to have them because the maintenance was time consuming. However this situation and also the absence of both websites taught me what I needed to know.

So here we are.

As of September 2021, this website is still in development. I have some ideas on growing this but I don’t want to give it away yet.

Will keep you updated!

Thanks for your support always!

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