[OOTD KOREAN FASHION] Denim style comeback in Kpop and KFashion

by Ceylan J. Morgan
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Hybe is bringing back denim with both of their newly debuted girlgroups “NewJeans” and “Le Sserafim”.

Ironically, the Kpop group “NewJeans” have been pulling off denim looks since summer this year, but more and more groups can be seen jumping on this trend since then.

Although it’s midst of winter already, Hybe’s label stylists are finding new ways to pushing this look forward. In Le Sserafim’s comeback from October 16th, the girls can be seen wearing very creatively cut and put together denim outfits.

In Kpop most stylists create unique pieces of outfits out of regular clothes. Sometimes they do even recreate expensive pieces from brands like Channel, Prada and so on. Obviously this is more likely for groups that are backed up by either of the top four music labels which is YG Entertainment, HYBE Corp., SM or JYP Entertainment. But because most of the time the outfits are one of a kind, it’s a great place to turn to for new inspiration.

Additionally, not long ago, Lisa from Blackpink took over the internet with her denim look from their tour concerts (left photo).

See below for even more denim fashion inspirations, and feel free to check out my last look on lounge wear.

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