[OOTD INSPIRATION] Taemin Airport Outfit, Female Version

by JYNE!
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Loungewear with Golden Watch and Loafers
TopH&M24,99 Euros
Linen pantsRossman (German Drugstore)ca. 13 Euros
Shoes: LoafersDeichmann37,99 Euros

Comfortable Loungewear With Loafers

What is loungewear?

As the word itself reveals, it’s clothing that’s worn for lounging in the house. Loungewear can be clothing that’s as casual and comfortable as sleepwear.
Clothes don’t need to be uncomfortable, and running around in sleepwear all day long does not feel good, most definitely it’s not good for the psyche. Once one gets used to wearing sleepwear for lounging, making oneself up can start to feel like a chore. If you shop not only for outwear but also loungewear you can look fabulous, feel fabulous all the time.

+ Loafers are very popular in Korea, that’s why many Kpop Idols can be seen wearing those. However, when it comes to this look, I got my inspiration for the shoes particularly from Taemin. I’ve seen him wear similar ones quite often, and he once even went viral with his Prada loafers.

+ Linen Pants vs. Long Silk Top – This is not typical Chinese fashion, however I have grown up with heavy exposure to martial arts movies. The cut of the outfit reminded me a bit of what’s worn in the Shaolin culture.

+ Neutrality – Many, if not, the majority of women want to be appreciated for their spirits and brain first. Too exposing outfits do make us target of being seen only objectively, I think neutral outfits do help prevent that.

This is not too feminine, not too ordinary or masculine in my opinion.

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