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by Ceylan J. Morgan
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Even to this day, it’s difficult to get an overview on the content of this industry, because there are fewer resources in English to learn about it. In order to access C-pop, I have had to search for songs on Chinese streaming platforms and websites.

This has been a challenging but rewarding journey, as I have been exposed to a wide range of genres that I would not have discovered otherwise.

The Chinese government has been supporting the music industry with initiatives to encourages the development of both traditional and contemporary music, as well as the establishment of music-related infrastructure. So I think it’s only a matter of time until the popularity of C-pop will hit off as similarly as K-pop or J-pop have already.

See below for some cool, high quality and enjoyable, rap and hip hop songs.


VAVA – My New Swag

VAVA is a Chinese rapper from Beijing. She is known for her unique style of blending traditional Chinese music with modern hip:

Lexie Liu – Manta

Lexie Liu is a Chinese rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer who is best known for her work in the genre of c-pop. Her music combines hip-hop and R&B, with her lyrics often focusing on themes of love, identity, and personal growth. She has quickly gained recognition in China for her unique sound and style.

Trout Fresh. ØZI. Julia Wu. Kumachan. B.C.W. Barry. Dwagie – 走到飛 (完整版) 


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