Marz23: Cpop Artist, Captivating with Fusion of Rock & Rap

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Among the stars in the CPop scene, one name stands out: Marz23. 

Marz23, a Chinese artist that has been making waves in the music industry with his unique fusion of rock, pop, and rap elements.

Check out the following songs from Marz23’s discography:

Marz23 x ØZI – GASLIGHT MV (情勒)

Marz23 x Teezy – I’m Happy Knowing That You’re Not (知道你過得不太好我就放心了) MV

Marz23 – Not So Far Away (不遠處) MV

Marz23  – Self Hatred (不愛自己了) MV

Marz23 – Overrated ft. smrtdeath MV

Marz23 x Jutes – 浪費時間 Waste My Time MV

Marz23 x 莫宰羊 – Fight With The Demon (最美的風景) MV

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