Do uncomfortable change or stay in uncomfortable disaster?

by Ceylan J. Morgan
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Gärten Der Welt, Berlin Marzahn

Whatever happens, blaming anyone is a way to take our own power away and so is the act of waiting for someone to help you. It’s a gamble! What if that person never appears?

Change is painful. But if you are suffering anyway,  why not suffer the pain of effort, allowing yourself to be involved in action that is uncomfortable and painful but in the end, it leads you to what you want.

Motivation shouldn’t be the matter here, yes there are ways to motivate yourself but the fastest way is to not give it too much weight, you can also learn to do things regardless of what you feel at that moment. There will be plenty of moments where you’ll feel too tired, too bored and not like it. At times you will feel too tired to even motivate yourself.

It might need a bit practice to do something else than what you feel like doing at the very moment and not act on thoughts like “I’m tired, I’m uncomfortable, I could take a nap right now” but instead saying to yourself “I’m choosing to be productive, because nothing get’s done by itself. My dream and goals are not promised they are not gonna happen unless I take action toward them.”

I’m recommending following books for in-depth practice of getting more out life.

Eat that frog by Brian Tracy* is about attacking the ugliest task first. A reason for that is the reality of our bodies having the most energy available at the beginning of the day.

“If you have to eat two frogs, eat the ugliest one first. This is another way of saying that if you have two important tasks before you, start with the biggest, hardest, and most important task first.” – Brian Tracy

“The hardest part of any important task is getting started on it in the first place. Once you actually begin work on a valuable task, you seem to be naturally motivated to continue.” – Brian Tracy

A classic!* I will be preaching on this book and Jim Rohn’s works until forever. It was probably 2012 that I heard about his work the first time and it’s still not getting old. His work is, if not the best then probably some of the best material for throwing your life upside down and kicking off a completely new life.

If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree. – Jim Rohn

For things to change, you have to change. – Jim Rohn

We must all suffer one of the two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment. – Jim Rohn

*Unlike the boxes with the book images, these links will lead you to the Amazon shop of your country. These are affiliate links, I am giving you an honest recommendation and review, as these are products/services that I also use myself. The seller is sharing a small commission with me if you buy off of these links, however the price of the original products do not get affected on your side. This is a way of how my readers can support for more content.

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