We should practice health, if we want to be achievers

by Ceylan J. Morgan
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Health and success go hand in hand. It determines the quality of our life in all aspects. How serious one takes it, might depend on how much one wants to get the best out of their life. Without health, one can come to a point when working on goals becomes impossible. It would be fatal to have it go that far, and realize very late that one needs to give more attention to their very own health.

I have been there, and I know other people who have been to a point that got them thinking about their desires but feeling trapped due to their tiredness at the same time.

“I want to go after my goals, but I don’t have the physical strength to do so. I’m tired.”
We said

Some people want to go on with their life just like they are living it today. They are mostly seeking for a life in comfort.

But there are also those that want to get things out of life, and they are those that seek for answers and discovery and experience. Those are kind of people that might feel as if they are dying if they chose to live the other way.

That’s why, especially to them, it’s very important to have a good awareness for health.

However, not everyone thinks about it and that is the reason I am writing about this. A majority of people I have seen are aware of their deteriorating health, but they just take it. They keep going on with whatever they are doing just until they are out of power. If we want to move things in life we need energy first, that equals health. A lot of issues we are facing can be suppressed with medication, but they can not be fixed in one day. I think health should be practiced on a daily basis. Unfortunately, that is not common and with this, I really want to encourage people to care and influence others to do so as well.

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”


Practicing health starts with eating the right foods, learning what’s actually in what we are eating, cutting back and cutting out things that are unhealthy.

“What we eat affects your emotions. The cure to depression starts with nutrition.”

Somehow, we started to believe that our genetics and our bodies are at fault when we get sick. I feel like some people blame their bodies for whatever they can find.

A German doctor, Dr. Karl J. Probst, has changed my mindset about this. Our body also wants to keep itself alive, and it does whatever it can to do so. In fact, a lot of our body’s reactions are already healing reactions. For instance, fever, causes the organs to work faster, and the heat helps it to kill bacteria. Same situation with diarrhea and vomiting. It’s a reaction for getting harmful things out of its system as fast as possible.

You wouldn’t intentionally invite a thief or let one roam around your house, come back whenever he wants and let him take whatever he wants, would you? Of course not! We do whatever we can to get them out. Yet when it comes to our health, it’s like we are blaming our bodies for throwing out what’s not supposed to be in there because of the mistakes we have done and when we were supposed to support it in the first place.

Among many other doctors that are speaking up publicly, Dr. Probst and Dr. John Bergmann go as far as to saying that most chronic illnesses are protective reactions, that also include autoimmune diseases, tumors, and cancers.

Nature is perfect, when one chemical is combined with another, nature gives a perfect reaction. Given the fact that the formula is the same every time, it’s always the same reaction.

At some point, I thought to myself that “God couldn’t have sent me to this earth and have me go through life in such a weak state. It didn’t make sense to me, I couldn’t believe that I was made to be sick or lethargic”.

If things are not going well, then that is a reminder to us and from life itself, that we are not aligned with its laws. Just like a plant has specific needs, the body has them also. If those needs are not met, we experience the symptoms of it (lethargy versus more severe sickness). In fact, the body IS nature, “as within so without”. A lot of rules that apply in nature outside of us, can also be observed inside our bodies. It’s like “the body is a mirror of the nature that we see outside of us.”

The relation of the universe, earth, our body, and cells to each other, is like holding a mirror into another mirror and seeing the endless reflections of one another.

Many famous people have mentioned also, “Nature is the most accurate book”

Depending on how observative we are, the physical laws outside of us will reveal to us truths that we have yet to hear or read about. This is something that I learned from nature not by someone telling or teaching me, only much later I found that famous people Nikola Tesla have put it in a very similar way. I’m not saying this not for egocentric reasons, it’s just to show you that you can be two different people, who don’t know each others thoughts but make the same very intelligent conclusions through observations. You don’t have to be a genius, just curious.

So instead of being upset, it’s a much better way to be attentive and solution oriented. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be depressed, stuck and have no motivation but a state of blaming is not going to improve the situation. It only pulls us into a darker hole than we actually are. How about listening to the pain, figuring out what hurts, why it hurts, research for solutions, take action, document what works and what doesn’t work and make decisions. How about that?

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