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Kombu and Seaweed from Korea / K-Shop.eu

Where I ordered: k-shop.eu

I ordered Korean food ingredients at https://k-shop.eu and this is my review.

k-shop.eu is an online shop for food and others goods from Asia, but mainly from Korea. As we can take from the “domain suffix/the ending of the URL”, their shipping goes throughout Europe. Exact details on that you can take from their shipping information”.

Review – Shipping:

Astonishingly, when I placed the order early in the morning, they shipped the package exactly that day and I received my items the very next day in the morning. I had forgotten to buy a few things and I placed a second order right after, and to my surprise, my second order also arrived as quickly as the first one.

Furthermore, I have to say that the prices are very reasonable, and I’m very happy with that. As of today, the minimum shipping order for free shipping is 70 Euros. I thought that was very reasonable.

Review – Prices:

I was roaming around online, and comparing the prices to items from Amazon, eBay, GoAsia and one more shop (which I had bad experience with). I decided to not mention the name. I think the prices for most products are very satisfactory, only few products were a bit cheaper on GoAsia but then many others were more expensive. I’m giving it a 5 out of 5.

Also check out my unboxing of “Korean Tree Tea” which I bought from https://k-shop.eu as well.

Unboxing – This is what I bought:

1. Red pepper flakes (gochugaru): Ferments are very healthy and this is where we can get our probiotics from. Kimchi is something that I’m very familiar with already, and I can’t go without it anymore.

2. Roasted Soy Bean Powder: As much as of a health freak I am, I always wanted to try making rice cake by myself. I know it’s not the best food for health. It has lots of carbs and non-organic soy is also not a good option, but that’s how much I wanted to try. I didn’t even order rice flour for that very reason. When it comes to grains, seed and legumes, it’s most important to me whether it’s organic, Demeter or not. So at least here, I am able to make my own organic rice “flour” (knowing that it has to be specific rice).

4. Mugwort Powder (Ssukgaru): These are ingredients meant for rice cake. I wasn’t sure how much I was going to need, that’s why I ended up ordering quite a few. If I won’t be using it all for rice cakes, I’ll be happy to use it for something else because mugwort is a superfood.

5. Seaweed: Another superfood. As you can see, there was also lots of seaweed in my order. Seaweed contains iodine. This mineral has turned my life around drastically. Iodine to me is the natural and pleasant version of caffeine and Ritalin. If it wasn’t for iodine, I wouldn’t be able to compose this text in such a joyful and easy manner.

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