Korean Tea: Tree Tea I Unboxing

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Tree/Wood Tea From Korea

Many root plants are said to be as powerful as they are because they grow much deeper into the soil, hence being able to absorb more minerals this way. Ginseng is grown for several years before harvesting, the longer the ginseng stays in the soil the more minerals it can absorb. So the older the ginseng is, the more beneficial and pricier it gets.

Since trees grow their roots even deeper, that slightly left me wondering about trees in association with health. I mean there are already some health practices with trees that I know of but I would have never thought of tea made of pieces of tree.

Korean variety show “I Live Alone” introduced me to it:

There is a Korean variety show that I occasionally watch, it’s called “I Live Alone (나 혼자 산다)”. It’s a show where they introduce every day lives of Korean celebrities by filming them throughout one or two whole days. In a very recent episode, an actor was drinking tea mixed with tree wood in it, that’s how I heard about it the first time. I thought it was interesting!

I would have definitely tried it out one day but drinking tree tea didn’t even seem to be common practice in Korea. I didn’t think that I would stumble on it again that soon.

Where I bought it: k-shop.eu

k-shop.eu is an online shop for food and other goods from Asia, but mainly from Korea. As we can take from the URL, their shipping goes throughout Europe. Exact details on that you can take from their shipping information”.

As you might know from my previous post, I did a bit of shopping on online Asian food stores and as I was placing an order of other stuff I also came across this on https://k-shop.eu.

I thought this needed its own post, that why I had left it out in the previous one.

Apparently this is not just made with hot water from the water cooker. The cooking needs to be timed etc., I will make an extra post with cool pictures on how it’s made.

Dried Raisin Tree

Dried Acanthopanax

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