[Beginner, Intermediate] Translating Websites from Korean to English

by Ceylan J. Morgan
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You can quickly learn some new expressions through exploring Korean websites. I think the best way to learn a language is to use it. So my suggestion is to make yourself familiar with Korean websites.

I’m a bit familiar with webdesign, their websites are differently structured from all that I have seen before. However the more often you visit them, the faster you’ll get used to it.

You go on Korean websites and begin by reading just the surface of it and next time you know what those expressions mean.

Step by step…

Don’t let impatience kill your motivation!

Facebook Screenshot

  • 궁금한(Curious) 친구(Friend)나 장소(Place)를 검색해(Search) 보세요(Try)
  • 친구(Friend) 찾기(Find)
  • 프로필(Profile) 편집(Edit)
  • 내(My) 페이지(Page)
  • 사진(Photo)첩(Album) 만들기(Make)

Facebook Screenshot

  • 친구 (Friend) 요청(Requests)
  • 설정 (Settings)
  • 알(Know) 수도 있는(Be, Exist) 사람(Person, People) – People that you might now, also/too.
  • 확인 (Confirm)
  • 요청(Request) 삭제(Delete)

Facebook Screenshot

  • 이번 주(This Week)
  • 페이지(Beginner) 좋아요(Like)
  • 게시물(Posts) 도달수


  • 좋아요(Like)
  • 댓글(Comment) 달기(Punch,Type)
  • 댓글 더(More) 보기(View)
  • 공유하기(Share)
  • 분(Minutes)
  • 시간(Hour)
  • 월(Month, 일(Day) 오후
  • (Afternoon)


  • 정보(Information)
  • 더(More) 보기(View)

The rest I am leaving to you. Explore and enjoy!

Happy learning!

Ceylan J. Morgan

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