How To Stay Consistent When Learning A Language (Korean)

by Ceylan J. Morgan
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Korean Handwriting

The first time I took a Korean learning book on my hands was around July 2010. Yes, it’s been such a long time and I’m not yet done with it.

Even if you are fluent in a language, there is always room for improvement. There are always new words and higher forms of expressions to learn. So don’t be discouraged with where you are at right now.

1 – Set Yourself Goals #YourReason

Why or what do you want to use that language for?

My dream was, that I wanted to be able to talk to people. I simply loved the sound of the Korean language, and I wanted to be able to speak it myself, without an accent. So you tell me, how about you?

  • Do you just want to be able to speak it in a conversational level?
  • Or do you want to learn it to due to career reasons?
  • But maybe you just want to gain the ability to understand it, so you can watch your TV shows and movies without subtitles.

2 – Figure out what you enjoy


I’m not saying you should ALWAYS go after how you feel like doing. There are endless ways to learn something but the best way is the way that feels fun for you. The way that you enjoy. And the way you construct your learning method is up to you.

Think about it. If you really really like doing something, you don’t want to stop, you don’t want to give up, don’t you? Sometimes you have to trick yourself into things.

Right in the beginning, I took part in a Korean learning course. Not to actually learn it there but because I was already spending most of my time alone and I wanted to mix things up, making it more enjoyable for me by interacting with people.

  • For some people relationships made them keep up their learning journey.
  • Or maybe you like learning by watching video courses more?
  • Maybe you have your favorite YouTuber and watching their Videos with subtitles helps you. This is classic, you can do this also with movies or tv shows.

Maybe after years the language that you are learning just becomes a part of you. You have found ways to use in your everyday. So now there is no way out anymore. To be more exact…

In my situation for example, since I’m writing my blogs in English, I have to keep improving. As for Korean, since I’m active as a musician AND content creator, occasionally I have E-Mails and messages coming in that are just in Korean. This would be the point where the words “giving up” lose their power.

Conclusion :

  • Find your reason. Why do you want to learn the language you want to learn.

  • Experiment and find study methods that you enjoy and that keep you motivated.

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