Gigi Yim (炎明熹) – Noble Truth (真話的清高) Official MV – Introduction to Cpop

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The project below is a recent release (September 26, 2021) from an artist who goes by the name Gigi Yim. For a surprising fact, she seems to be 16 year old only.

Looking at the popularity of Cpop at the moment, it reminds me a lot to where Kpop was at, around 2009/2010.

From my observation of seeing companies, trends, and music like Jpop or Kpop rise in popularity, it’s very likely to me that Cpop also is to gain a huge global audience in the future. The Cpop market offers a lot of diversity in genre and artists.

As popularity changes things, my hope for this industry is, for them to protect their culture instead of westernizing themselves. I think it’s best for them to focus on increasing “quality” while bringing the culture itself to display.

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Ellie August 23, 2022 - 3:44 pm

Great discovery. She’s so talented!


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