Cpop Music: Pincess Ai (戴愛玲) ft. PoeTeK (熊仔) – Burn (燒) MV

by Ceylan J. Morgan
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Introducing you to a very recent release by Cpop singer “Pincess Ai” (戴愛玲) ft. PoeTeK (熊仔). The single “Burn (熊仔熊仔)” was released on 28th of September under Warner Music Taiwan.

This project seems to have had come together on a smaller budged than some of us are maybe used to. Nevertheless I think it’s interesting enough to check out. Really love the composition and arrangement of the track, the e-guitars bring me back to Jpop from mid 2000s.

Another thing I have to mention is the very well shot single cover. The colors, the styling… I can’t take my eyes off really beautiful.

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